The International Cooperation Division (ICD) of Taiyuan University of Technology (TYUT) administers affairs and provides services related to the foreign cooperation and exchanges of TYUT.

Under ICD, there are three sections, i.e. office, administration, and selection and dispatchment. The main responsibilities of ICD include the following: 

        • Establishing and maintaining contacts and cooperation between TYUT and foreign universities, educational institutions and other organizations;

        • Receiving long-term and short-term visiting scholars and foreign teachers, and conferring honorary titles on international celebrities and scholars...

19 Nov.
Zhang Yongzhong Appointed Director of International Cooperation Division
On the afternoon of November 19, all the staff members of the International Cooperation Division (ICD) attended a meeting in Meeting Room A312, Mingxiang campus Administrative Building, where the decision of the CPC TYUT Committee on the appointment of the ICD Director was announced. Liu Runxiang, the CPC TYUT Committee Deputy Secretary, and Xiao Liantuan, member of the Standing Committee of th......
29 Mar.
To Promote the Cooperation Between TYUT and Israeli Universities
In order to further promote the in-depth cooperation between TYUT and Israeli universities, on March 24th, TYUT held a meeting on Yingxi campus. Han Ruiyong, Director of the International Cooperation and Exchange Office of Shanxi Provincial Education Department, and his delegation attended the meeting. The relevant person in charge of the International&Cooperation Office of TYUT presided over ......
11 Mar.
The Delegation of the Israel Chamber of Commerce Visited Shanxi
​On March 9th, Yuval Ben Sadeh, and his delegation of the Israel Chamber of Commerce in China (IsCham) visited Shanxi province. Ren Yuezhong, the first-level inspector of Shanxi Provincial Education Department, attended the symposium. Lv Yongkang, the vice president of TYUT, and the related comrades of the International Cooperation Office were present. The heads of four universities including ......