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Zheng Qiang Appointed as Secretary of the CPC Taiyuan University of Technology Committee
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The appointment of Zheng Qiang as Secretary of the CPC (Communist Party of China) Taiyuan University of Technology (TYUT) Committeewas announced on April 22 by the Organization Department of the CPC Shanxi Provincial Committee at the meeting held in the 2/F conference room of Boxue Building.

Government officials in attendance included Qu Xiaoli, a member of the standing committee of the CPC Provincial Committee, director-general of the Organization Department, and deputy head of the leading group on educational work of the CPC Provincial Committee; and Zhang Fuming, vice governor of Shanxi province. The conference was also participated by Li Fengqi, deputy director-general presiding daily work of the Organization Department of the CPC Provincial Committee; Wu Junqing, secretary of the education work committee of the CPC Provincial Committee, head of the leading party members’ group and director-general of Shanxi Provincial Education Department; TYUT’s university-level leaders, members of the CPC University Committee, CAS and CAE academicians, second-grade professors, and persons in charge of divisions, departments and colleges. The meeting was chaired by Zhang Fuming.

Li Fengqi announced the CPC Provincial Committee’s decision to appoint Zheng Qiang as a member of the standing committee and secretary of the CPC committee of Taiyuan University of Technology.


Qu Xiaoli made an important speech at the meeting where she noted that the CPC Shanxi Provincial Committee and the Provincial Government have been continuously devoted to deepening opening-up and cooperation, and enhancing communication with high-level universities nationwide. The introduction and appointment of the high-level professional leader Zheng Qiang as the secretary of CPC TYUTCommittee is beneficial for the accelerated promotion of the University construction, thus pushing forward the higher education reform province-wide. It represents a concrete action to implement the central government’s decision and deployment in supporting Shanxi’s transformational development, and a key move in introducing high-end leading talents. She also proposed a four-point requirement to the University leaders and the faculty to better fulfill their responsibilities.


Zheng Qiang made a position statement from three aspects: Why come to TYUT? What to do? And how? He said that his coming is an response to General Secretary Xi Jinping’s call of fulfilling the Chinese dream of achieving the great renewal of the Chinese nation, is inspired by the promising development of Shanxi province, and is driven by the deep affection for higher education in central and western China, especially TYUT. In the future, under the guidance of Xi Jinping Thoughts on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, under the leadership of the CPC Provincial Committee, with a focus on the goal of constructing a first-class university and the fundamental task of fostering virtue through education , and fully considering Shanxi’s actual situation, he, through working with the University’s leading members and uniting and leading all the faculty and students to stick to the road of reform and opening-up, will make every effort to realize the fundamental aim of cultivating socialist builders and successors with all-round attainments in moral, intellectual, physical, aesthetic and labor education, and strive for a good development of TYUT through reform and innovation. Zheng also stated that he will be committed to his duties and will bend his back to the task until his last day.


Huang Qingxue, vice secretary of the CPC committee and president of TYUT, stated that he firmly upholds the decision and will resolutely implement the deployment and requirements of the CPC Provincial Committee, and will strongly safeguard the leadership’s unity. He said that he will not fail to live up to the trust and expectations of the CPC provincial committee, and will work with other members of the University’s leading members in developing it into a high-level university of internationalization and innovation, thus making the due contributions with excellent achievements to the national modernization and Shanxi’s transformational development.


Zhang Fuming noted in his summary speech that Zheng will bring in new education concepts and management experience from well-known universities such as Zhejiang University, and this is helpful for the promotion of TYUT’s “Double First-Class” construction and the holistic competence of Shanxi’s higher education. He urges all the University leadership and the faculty to resolutely abide by and uphold the decision of the CPC Provincial Committee, and support Zheng Qiang’s work with concrete actions.

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