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TYUT Donates anti-COVID-19 Protective Materials to its Counterparts in Afghanistan and Jamaica
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Fully loaded with deep friendship of the staff and students of Taiyuan University of Technology(TYUT), the protective materials including surgical masks, thermometers, medical goggles, protective suits and antiviral drugs were sent to Kabul University(KU)in Afghanistan and The University of West Indies, Mona Campus(UWI) in Jamaica on April 24. Vice President Liang Weiguo attended the donation ceremony on behalf of the University.

On the donation site, all the anti-virus materials are pasted with warm slogans such as “Ready support in need, final victory indeed”, “All human beings are one with common destiny”, “Though mountain stay far apart, we want to share mind and heart”, written in Chinese, Dali or English respectively, which bear the sincere blessings and firm support of TYUT’s staff and students to their counterparts in Afghanistan and Jamaica.

Liang Weiguo pointed out that COVID-19 continues to spread globally, and countries are actively fighting against it. TYUT cherishes the deep friendship with the two universities, and is closely following their situations. Virus is merciless while people have affection. Upon learning the serious local shortage of anti-virus materials, TYUT, through various channels, collected a number of surgical masks, thermometers, protective goggles, disposable protective suits and antiviral drugs to tackle their extreme urgency. Liang said that TYUT, together with the staff and students of KU and UWI, will work hand in hand to win the battle against COVID-19 with full confidence. After the pandemic, the two sides, on the basis of doing a good job on joint construction of the Confucius Institutes, will further promote pragmatic cooperation and make new achievements.

Following the meeting, Liang also had in-depth exchanges with the heads of the International Cooperation Division and the College of International Education Exchange on the University’s internationalization work.

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